Jiaying Liu Ph.D. | 刘家瑛
Associate Professor
Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Peking University

IEEE / CCF Senior Member

Email: liujiaying at pku.edu.cn
Address: No. 5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100871
Tel: 8610-82529714
Group Website: STRUCT


July 2019: I will co-organize the ICME 2019 Tutorial: Intelligent Image Enhancement and Restoration - from Prior Driven Model to Advanced Deep Learning.
May 2019: I will co-organize the ICCV 2019 Workshop: The International Workshop and Challenge on Real-World Recognition from Low-Quality Images and Videos (RLQ).
Feb. 2019: Four papers to appear in CVPR 2019.
Jan. 2019: I am elected to be IEEE Circuits and Systems Society VSPC-TC Member.
Jan. 2019: I will serve as the Technical Program Chair of IEEE VCIP-2019.
Jan. 2019: I am honored to receive Shi Qingyun Young Female Scientist Award from CSIG.
Jan. 2019: I will co-organize the ICIP 2019 Grand Challenge on Realistic Single Image Recovering in Adverse Weathers.
Dec. 2018: I will serve as the Area Chair of ICCV-2019.
Dec. 2018: I will serve as the Technical Program Chair of ACM ICMR-2021.
Dec. 2018: I will co-organize the CVPR 2019 UG2+ Workshop and Prize Challenge: Bridging the Gap between Computational Photography and Visual Recognition.

Research Interests

Multimedia and signal processing with emphasis on Digital Image/Video Processing and Compression, Computer Vision Technology, including
  • Image/Video Restoration and Enhancement
  • Image/Video Stylization and Assessment
  • Computational Photography and Editing
  • Action Understanding and Analytics